Technology evaluation & selection

One size doesn’t fit all in the digital transformation area. Once the business assessment is completed, The D2M Co., will then propose the best solution for the client taking into account the specific industry needs.

The technologies proposed will have the objective of improving all stages of the product development process through the digital optimization of the digital product, using Industry 4.0 solutions accompanied by re-engineering for advanced additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing), can provide options for innovative product development.

Parts, components, and products can be reengineered for additive manufacturing, rehauling production methods and creating better products faster. Frequently, with the selection of advanced technologies new production practises can provide other benefits such as reduced material costs, reduction of human error, on-demand manufacturing and streamlining for all stages of the design through to end production.

By using an expert to help select the technologies in the Digital Transformation Roadmap, clients are assured that they have the best value to performance solution, keeping them flexible to adapt to future technology offerings.  

We can help you navigate the best 3D technology solution for your needs