The global aerospace & defense additive manufacturing market, valued at $3.58 billion in 2020, is expected to rise to $13.01 billion by 2028, growing at a 19.51% CAGR. This market is highly influenced by the demand for lightweight components, rapid product development, and cost-effective parts in the aerospace supply chain.  (

Additive Manufacturing is often a perfect fit for both Defense and Space applications. The ability to produce complex parts in low volumes, without any minimum order quantity (MOQ) and locally, can provide significant supply chain benefits. These benefits often translate to significant cost savings and a considerable reduction in risk, contributing to long-term sustainability. Obsolete components for older systems can be digitized and redesigned for additive manufacturing.

Rapid Prototyping: Streamline the design and development process by rapidly iterating and refining prototypes. Reduce time-to-market while gaining a competitive edge.

Strong, Lightweight Parts with POA Certification: Produce components with complex geometries while simplifying production. Build high-mix, low-volume composite parts, tooling, jigs, and fixtures. Use Certified, traceable materials and durable thermoplastics to 3D print flight-ready parts.

Customized Components: Address the growing demand for customization and personalization. Our digital manufacturing solutions enable the creation of bespoke aircraft cabin components that perfectly meet your customers’ needs and enhance passenger experience.

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Enhanced Parts Availability: Ensure mission readiness by having critical spare parts available on-demand. With our digital spare parts library and digital manufacturing capabilities, you can access and produce essential components even in remote locations, keeping operations running smoothly.

Supply Chain Optimization: Minimize the risk of supply chain disruptions and reduce inventory costs. With our digital spare parts library, you can have critical components available on-demand, ensuring efficient just-in-time production without the need for large physical inventories.

Our unwavering commitment to impeccable quality ensures that every component empowers the aviation sector, where reliability, agility, and security are paramount, to reach new heights both literally and figuratively.

The Design to Manufacturing Co. - Aerospace & Defense