The Additive Manufacturing Industry is making the leap from prototyping technology into a true manufacturing technology. The Design to Manufacturing Co. can help you seamlessly integrate Additive Manufacturing (AM) into your current operations and help you create real business value.

Whether you are looking for an in-house solution to your spare parts management (manufacture-on-demand) via a digital inventory, or you would like to make the jump from rapid prototyping into production with AM, our team can help you develop the business case and then guide you through the equipment selection, procedure and process management required to achieve the best possible results from your investment.

Our service offering is separated into 2 distinct categories:


Digital asset creation:

  • Part (Inventory) Audits:
  • Business case development:
  • Reverse engineering & DfAM:
  • Digital libraries
The Design to Manufacturing Co. - Company overview

Digital manufacturing:

  • Deployment of industry suitable certification.
  • AM machine specification
  • AM production lines and/or clusters.
The Design to Manufacturing Co. - Company overview

The combination of services leads to a fully certifiable “Digital supply chains” whereby customers can either compete with existing established supply chains, or they can use this powerful environment to benefit internally, by producing their own spare parts.