TrackScan-Sharp: The New Optical 3D Measurement System for Large-scale Parts

Scantech has launched their new optical 3D measurement system TrackScan-Sharp which is ideal for measuring large-scale parts. Our team of engineers has been there and completed the training in this brand-new revolutionary technology along with MSCAN L-15 and AirGO Power, 3D Systems.

What is TrackScan-Sharp?

TrackScan-Sharp consists of a portable 3D scanner i-Scanner and an optical i-Tracker. It brings optical measurement to a whole new level by offering a tracking distance of up to 6 meters, a volumetric range of 49 m3, and volumetric accuracy of up to 0.049 mm (10.4 m3). 

Engineered with i-Tracker’s on-board processor for pre-computation, 25-megapixel industrial cameras, and cutting-edge technologies, the TrackScan-Sharp is ideal for measuring large-sized parts or multiple parts at the same time without the hassle of moving trackers frequently.

It supports wired and wireless data transfer to cater to different industrial uses, making scanning even easier. It can also work with an auxiliary light module to inspect holes and slots. TrackScan-Sharp is optimal for efficient and stable measurements to enhance product development, quality control, and more.

Extensive tracking, accurate measurement with TrackScan-Sharp.

The Benefits of TrackScan-Sharp

1. Ultra-high Pixels for Intricate Details

TrackScan-Sharp tracking 3D scanning system is equipped with a brand-new industrial camera. The camera features 25 megapixels, which is 5 times that of its previous generation. Thanks to its dynamic adaptive LED algorithm, long-distance depth of field, and strong anti-interference ability, the system can automatically acquire clear images in a range as long as 6 meters.

2. Large-volume Measurement

Powered by its wide measurement volume and robust edge measurement algorithm, TrackScan-Sharp enables one-stop scanning of large-scale parts. There is no need for users to move the tracker frequently when measuring large parts, which ensures efficient, smooth, and precise measurements.

3. Pre-computation & Impressive Performance

The newly designed i-Tracker has an onboard processor for efficient image processing and data computation, which can deliver coordinates in real time. This innovative pre-computation saves the computer’s computing power so that it’s more capable of processing the scanned data. It optimizes the data and makes it more reliable and stable, impressing users with outstanding performance.

High-precision geometric measurements of large-scale workpieces with the MSCAN-L15 Photogrammetry System.

4. Remarkable Accuracy

With powerful hardware and software, TrackScan-Sharp delivers metrology-level and high-precision measurement results. This optical 3D tracking system ensures the measurement results meet high metrological demands. Thanks to its large tracking volume, which increased by around 200%, users can measure huge parts without compromising precision.

5. Fast 3D Scanning

Due to its optical tracking technology, TrackScan-Sharp can precisely measure parts without having to stick reference targets. Its large tracking volume allows users to measure multiple parts at the same time, thus significantly improving operations efficiency.

6. New Data Transmission

The 3D scanning system can transfer data both with and without wires. With wired mode, the system can send data over a long distance in line with industrial measurement standards. Optional wireless mode support applications, in different working conditions, which is convenient due to its plug-and-play operations. It can be set up quickly and operated flexibly to cater to various environmental conditions, ensuring efficient measurements.

3D measurement system
MSCAN-L15: Accuracy trigger at large-scale metrology. 

7. Innovative Design

Made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber in a sphere shape, the i-Scanner is for heavy use. Its ergonomic handle can ensure the long-session use of the 3D scanner without causing much fatigue, which ensures free measurement.

The i-Tracker has an intuitive light band that shows the operating status in real-time. Its hollow grille design helps cameras remain at a stable temperature throughout the scanning process.

8. Vast Applications

It boasts shadow-less-light edge detection with high-precision grey value measurement. Users can inspect closed features precisely, especially threaded holes. Good measurements are ensured by delivering accurate and repeatable measurement results such as positions and diameters.

The article was written by Scantech.

Edit and Photos by The Design to Manufacturing Co.